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IIAI participates with other states in InsurPac, our National Political Action Committee.  Donations are made to candidates and office holders for both parties of the U.S. House and Senate.
Contributing to InsurPac...What You Need to Know
  • InsurPac CANNOT accept corporate checks.   All incorporated checks will be returned to the donor.  If a corporate check is received, it will be returned a request will be made for a personal check.
  • Cash contributions are limited to $100 per individual in a calendar year.
  • IIAI may not accept cash from any donor and then write a check on behalf of the donor.
  • InsurPac cannot accept contributions made in the name of another.
  • Checks must be made payable to InsurPac.  Checks written out to your state PAC, your agency or anything other than InsurPac will be returned.  In addition, checks may not be endorsed to InsurPac.
  • An individual may contribute no more than $5,000 to InsurPac in a calendar year.
  • Checks drawn on non-incorporated partnership accounts are acceptable, but InsurPac requires that a partnership form be filled out by an agency and submitted with the partnership check. 
To learn more about InsurPac or to make a contribution, please contact the IIAI office (800) 272-9312 (in-state only) or (515) 223-6060, or Nathan Riedel in the IIABA office (202) 863-7000.

What is InsurPac? ​                   InsurPac Contribution Form​​​              Online Contribution to InsurPac